BPNW 2013 Financial Report

Book Publishers Northwest finished 2013 with a slight surplus due to many members electing to do early renewal of membership fees. The organization’s largest expense was trade shows, with $1000 going to participation in Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Fall Trade Show in Portland, OR, and Northwest Bookfest in Kirkland, WA.

BPNW also began reimbursing speakers for presentations to membership and interested members of the public. Given the success of this program, this policy will continue in 2014.  Other planned expenses for 2014 include participation in 2014 Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Fall Trade Show, a members event with Seattle Writergrrls and Northwest Editors Guild, and support of the IBPA Pub U scholar.

Members are encouraged to make suggestions for additional programs to help promote and foster book publishing in the Pacific Northwest.  Suggestions should be sent to the BPNW Board at bpnwnews at aol.com.

Income and Expenses
Income Amount
Interest $2.10
2013 Membership $1,990.00
2014 Membership $910.00
Newsletter Ad $51.00
Total $2,953.10
Expenses Amount
Trade Shows $1,000.00
Speaker Fees $300.00
Room Rent $360.00
Marketing $200.00
Association Dues $150.00
Administration $500.00
 Total $2,510.00