Freelance Editorial Services From Chapple

Book Publishers Northwest member Beth Chapple sent this article about her editorial service. If you are a service member of BPNW, we encourage you to email us a description of your business. Please send to bpnwnews at

Services Available From Beth Chapple:

Sadovnikoff-2011-cover-thmThe November 2013 meeting of Book Publishers Northwest was all about hiring an editor to polish your book, increase its value, and avoid mistakes. Since 1990 I have offered editorial services to a variety of clients. I am a copyeditor, proofreader, substantive editor, and indexer, in English, Spanish, and German. I am adept at understanding what authors wants to say and helping them convey it more idiomatically and precisely. I have worked on a wide variety of books, Web content, and articles. Here are descriptions of two books I enjoyed working on recently.

The memoir Slow Train: Moscow to Providence was self-published via in 2011 after developmental editing by me. Author Loda inscribed the book with “Many thanks for your participation in the creation of this thing of beauty–it was a long gestation.”

Artist Laura Anderson Barbata contributed to the book about her work, Transcommunality: Interventions and Collaborations in Stilt Dancing Communities, published by Turner in 2012. This large-format art book is available in English and Spanish editions. I did both copyediting and proofreading of the English text. The project manager wrote me an inscription: “Thanks for all of your hard work on this book.”Barbata-2012-cover-thm

Maybe I would be right for your next book! Contact me via my Northwest Independent Editors Guild profile ( to discuss your project.