LostLoves Plans More Book Club Editions

3teenbooksboxedLGcvr_copyLostLoves BookClub was launched in September 2013, and this BPNW member plans to do more volumes in 2014. “This was a big one for us and it went smoothly, gaining sales on all our outlets,” said managing editor Matt Smith.

The September volume was called Mudflat Magic Books 1, 2, 3, and contained the first three Mudflat novels, an urban fantasy series set in Seattle. In December, LostLoves released 3 Teen Books, which consists of three YA novels by Phoebe Matthews: That Boy on the Cover, What I Know About Boys, and Try a Switchstance.

“We plan to publish a new BookClub volume quarterly,” said Smith. “Each volume will contain two or more novels in one cover. These BookClub editions are available in paperback and ebook and offer a savings over the price of the individual books.”

All of these ebooks are available through the usual distributors including B&N’s Nook, Kindle, and Smashwords. The trade paperback editions can be ordered through Amazon.