Paging Mona Meighan of Edmonds, WA

questionpersonMona Meighan of Edmonds, WA, recently mailed us her 2014 dues for Book Publishers Northwest.

Unfortunately, she forgot to include her email or other information and this means she will be missing out on announcements, discounts, and other benefits of being a Book Publishers Northwest member as well as listing her website and showing off her book covers or services in our directory.

If you’re Mona, email us that information to bpnwnews at If you’re joining Book Publishers Northwest, please be sure to include the following information with your payment:

  • Business Name
  • Contact Name
  • Website
  • Contact e-mail

When we receive your payment, we’ll list your business name and website in our directory.  We’ll use your email to send you information about how to show off your books online and at local trade shows.

To learn more about this and other benefits of 2014 membership in Book Publishers Northwest, please see our JOIN US page.