Learn More About Book Publishing On Whidbey

Whidbey Island Writers Association’s Pretreat Workshop, “Everything You Need to Know about Book Publishing” is open to the general public as well as participants in the Writers Lockdown Retreat. The workshop will focus on answering such basic questions as:

Who am I dealing with in the publishing world?
What are their roles?
What is my role?
What are my options?
How do I know the best option for me?
How do I get started?

Literary agent Andrea Hurst and editor Margaret Bendet each will teach a 105-minute workshop with lots of time for questions and discussion The workshop will be held on Thursday, March 13,1:00-5:00 pm, at the Captain Whidbey Inn.

Registration is limited and pre-registration is required at a cost of $50 for general public and $40 for retreat attendees.

For more information about this event or the Writers Lockdown Retreat, check their website or email lockdownretreat@whidbey.com.