“Urban Fantasy Lite” Series Set In Northwest

get-attachment.aspx Phoebe Matthews has crafted several “urban fantasy lite” series, including Mudflat and Sunspinner for BPNW member LostLoves Books, and the set-in-the-Northwest Turning Vampire (the third book in the series is shown here) for East Coast publisher Dark Quest.

Because so much contemporary fantasy veers towards dark and downright gloomy, Matthews started tagging her upbeat books as “urban fantasy lite” on GoodReads and other websites.

“Many UFs are very dark, grim, serious. As none of my novels contain these elements, it seemed appropriate to add the word ‘lite’ to my site. Not ‘light’ as in bright and shiny and enlightening, ‘lite’ as in beer, entertaining,” she wrote recently.

LostLoves Books currently is working on a new line of Book Club editions that collect several of Matthews’ titles into one volume.  Mudflat Magic Books 1,2,3 is available in paperback and ebook now.