Five Scholarships Offered For Northwest Bookfest

nwbookfestAnnounced today at the Sept 19 meeting, Book Publishers Northwest will give five free scholarships to Northwest Bookfest, Nov. 2 to 3, in Kirkland.

The scholarships are restricted to paid 2013 members who are not signed up to be speakers at Northwest Bookfest. Scholarship recipients can attend both days of sessions for free, sell their books at the Northwest Bookfest bookstore, and have use of a BPNW table at the show.

Information on how to apply can be found here. The five scholarship recipients will be notified by email and will be responsible for coordinating the sale of their books at Northwest Bookfest. They also will be sent 50 BPNW cards to hand out at the show, either at the table or in the halls.