E-Books Production For The Non-Technical Author

MBreeceMarcia Breece will be a guest speaker at Book Publishers Northwest’s September meeting. Following the discussion of selling physical books at Northwest Bookfest with Sheryn Hara, Breece will give publishers and authors tips on how to get eBooks to market with various online retailers.

Once a globe-trotting corporate marketing executive, Breece lives on the Washington Coast where she enjoys writing, photography, and her home-based business, Self Pub Books, where she works with authors to  format, convert and upload their titles to online retailers. She is the author of a novel Secrets Lost and a memoir, Finding This Place.

Book Publishers Northwest’s Sept. 19 meeting takes place at Good Shepherd Center, 4649 Sunnyside N., Room 223, Seattle, WA.  It starts at 4 pm with an introduction of members and then continues until 6 pm.