Want to Sell Books At Northwest Bookfest?

nwbookfestBook Publishers Northwest board member Sheryn Hara has suggested buying a booth for members to sell their titles at Northwest Bookfest. She will be discussing this idea at the September 19 meeting but if you cannot be there, email her at sherynhara@earthlink.com or call (425) 483-3040 to express your interest.

If members decide they want to do this, Book Publishers Northwest will pay for the booth ($500 is the price quoted by Hara). Members will then be responsible for bringing their books to the booth and staffing it for the two days of the Bookfest.

The Northwest Bookfest, now in its third year in Kirkland, is scheduled for Nov. 2-3, 2013. This year, the popular literary festival will be held at Northwest University, south of downtown Kirkland.

Members not interested in sharing space also could reserve their own space at the Bookfest. Prices are not listed at the website but you can contact them to learn more via this form.