Edward Brothers Malloy Invests Heavily In Digital Printing

As book publishing changes to more “on demand ” model with shorter runs (and, hopefully, many reprints) for titles, traditional printing companies are changing their physical plants.

Recently, Edward Brothers Malloy announced that they are closing one large offset printing plant to free up resources for digital printing. The company will consolidate its two Ann Arbor, Michigan, manufacturing plants, located seven miles apart, into one facility. Some equipment also will be moved to its facility in Lillington, North Carolina.

“It’s a very difficult decision to make,” said John Edwards, President and CEO of Edwards Brothers Malloy. “My grandfather built the State Street plant (which is closing). But like most book printers, we’ve seen a decline in longer run offset business. At the same time our digital operation is growing at a 20% clip, so that is where we need to be investing for the future. Having two large offset facilities this close together that are not fully utilized just doesn’t make sense and we need to redirect resources to the side of the business that is growing.”

The company will be expanding various digital manufacturing operations this year and next, including adding a new inkjet press in Ann Arbor, taking over the operation of an in-house digital print center in New Jersey, expanding  digital print hub for its Print Local℠ program in Oxnard, California, upgrading presses in most of its nine digital print centers, improving the EDI capabilities for its print-on-demand and gps Global Print Solutions™ programs, and creating a new customer web portal for handling online transaction for 2014.

“This is part of a multi-year plan to position us for the future,” said Edwards. “We’re celebrating our 120th anniversary this year. With hard work and a bit of luck, we plan to be around for the next 120 years.”