Book Publishers Network – 2013 BPNW member

The name has caused a bit of confusion over the years, but Book Publishers Network is not the volunteer organization running this website.

Instead, it is a full service organization owned and run by Sheryn Hara, who restarted the Northwest Bookfest three years ago.

Book Publishers Network offers authors interested in self-publishing a wide range of services from editing to production to distribution. Sheryn works closely with aspiring authors to create a personalized plan to publication. She is a popular speaker and frequent exhibitor at local writing conventions and trade shows.

In 2013, Sheryn published her own book: Self-Publish Successfully. Drawn from her thirty years in the business, this volume recounts real-life success stories including how Sheryn came to produce the memoirs of such notable figures as Black Angus restaurateur Stuart Anderson, Ed Nixon (brother of the 37th U.S. president), and actor/philanthropist Hugh O’ Brian.

Sheryn also serves on the board of Book Publishers Northwest.