Education Proposals Needed For PNBA’s Fall Show

Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association is now considering panels or workshops for their 2013 Fall Trade Show.

They wouold like a one-page proposal, with a suggested title, brief outline, suggested list of presenters, a list of potential hand-outs, and a list of A/V needs. Most of the sessions are seventy-five minutes long. All proposals for the 2013 show must be received by PNBA staff by June 21.

In general, the Education Committee and PNBA staff prefer presentations which offer booksellers direct instruction about issues that can immediately and directly help them in the operations of their businesses. Sessions that include a wide-range of participants are especially attractive. Usually, presentations that might be perceived as promoting one business are not as well received as those that speak to the industry as a whole. “PNBA can help solicit appropriate booksellers and authors who might be willing to participate as panelists in these sessions,” said Thom Chambliss, who is coordinating the booksellers’ panels.

He added: “We are most interested in sessions that encourage booksellers, publishers, librarians and authors to work together. We are not interested in proposals to teach authors or publishers how to succeed by dealing with, as that is contradictory to the survival of our member stores.”

Proposals to offer educational sessions for Librarians and Booksellers should be sent via email to Thom Chambliss (, PNBA’s Executive Director. Proposals to offer education for small press Publishers and for Authors should be sent via email to Ali McCart (, who will be coordinating the schedules for both authors and publishers, which will be given in two different rooms. Ms. McCart has worked at the PNBA shows for eight years, both as coordinator of the author meal events, and recently as director of author and publisher education. She is co-owner of Indigo Editing & Publications in Portland, and is Indigo’s Executive Editor and Director of Business Development.