Yale Publishing Course Director Announces Speakers

“As the disruption in the publishing industry continues at an ever-accelerating rate, we have been refreshing the YPC curriculum to reflect the latest advances in technology, evolving innovative business models, and effective management strategies. We are dedicated to making your time at Yale as informative, collegial, and productive as possible.” – Tina C. Weiner, Director, Yale Publishing Course

Dominique Raccah CEO and Publisher, Sourcebooks

The Yale Publishing Course is designed for mid- to senior-level professionals and aims to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to make them more effective leaders and advance their careers.  The recently announced list of speakers can be found at the Yale website.  Along with faculty from the Yale School of Management, they will present real-world business models and case studies from both large and small publishers. Speakers will also be available for smaller group discussions and one-on-one counseling sessions.

Among this year’s “industry experts” are nineteen men and nine women currently employed in publishing or related fields, ranging from Craig Mod, founder of PRE/POST, to Dominique Raccah, founder and CEO of Sourcebooks.   The course takes place in July on the grounds of the famed university.