ABA holds Spring Forum in Seattle

Elliot Bay Book Company will host ABA’s Spring Forum.

The American Booksellers Association will be meeting in Seattle this April for their annual Spring Forum. Local members will have a chance to discuss the issues and projects that they want the national organization to work on.

Booksellers will also have a chance to meet with Kobo’s eReader training team. They will lead an 60-minute session presenting the features and uses of Kobo’s eReader lineup, for both frontline bookselling staff and owners or managers who want to spend more time with devices.

Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association‘s Board of Directors plans be in attendance at the ABA meeting and hold the Board’s spring meeting after ABA’s sessions.

The ABA forums will be held at Elliot Bay Book  Company on top of Capitol Hill on April 4. Attendance is restricted to members of American Booksellers Association. In January 2014, ABA plans to hold its Winter Conference 9 in Seattle.