Timid Pirate Auditions Superhero Voices

Stardust is a continuing character in Timid Pirate’s Cobalt City series.

Timid Pirate is turning Erik Scott de Bie’s Eye for an Eye, a superhero tale, into their first audiobook. They are currently auditioning readers for four parts.

Details on the parts and how to submit an audio file can be found on Timid Pirate’s website. Auditions close on April 1.

Eye for an Eye was published in 2012 as part of the Cobalt City Double Feature.

Eye for an Eye by Erik Scott de Bie (Shadowbane, “Vengeance on the Layover”) shakes up the happy family life of Cobalt City’s brightest star, Stardust. Injured, on the run, and without a friend in the world, Lady Vengeance returns to Cobalt City. Stardust can’t be sure which is more dangerous—the murderous vigilante chasing her, the dark secret which grants Lady Vengeance her powers, or the threat this dangerously sexy bad-girl poses to his family life. Is it a team-up or a free-for-all? And is Cobalt City big enough to contain the sheer firepower all sides are willing to unleash to assure victory?