Packed room for meeting on Amazon listings

fire-up-amazonOur meeting room was packed for our February meeting on how to polish an listing. Speaker Laura Pepper Wu, author of Fire Up Amazon, gave a number of useful tips that anyone can apply to their author page or book page.

Wu reminded the audience that what looks great in print may not present well on or any online retailer. Covers should be simple, striking, and bold enough to catch the eye even when they are reduced to thumbnails on a webpage.

Book descriptions, she said, should talk about why the reader needs this book. “Keep the energy high,” she advised. “Readers online tend to skim, so break your description into shorter pieces and snappy endorsements.”

When creating a new listing on Amazon or other websites, people often forget to use the keywords. Although this feature is optional, Wu believes that it makes a huge difference in the algorithms that search engines use and the right keyword and keyword order can make your book highly visible.

One free online tool for seeing how people search and the keywords they use is available on Google. Try out some searches on it, she said, as it will help you gain insight into great ways to market your titles online.

For those who couldn’t make the meeting or want additional marketing tips, Wu offers a free newsletter service. Each Monday, she sends out one tip. To learn more about Magic Monday Weekly Tips, visit her website.

Our next meeting will be March 21 in Room 223, Good Shepherd Center, 4649 Sunnyside Avenue North, Seattle, WA. The speaker and topic will be announced shortly. There’s usually plenty of free parking in the Good Shepherd lot. Our meetings are open to all interested in the business of book publishing.

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