Video Blogging Can Bring You New Readers

Tom Masters helped authors and publishers put a new trick in their marketing bag: book trailers! Besides creating a visual advertisement for a book, Masters also explored ways that authors and publishers can create a series of videos to engage a new audience in our first meeting of 2013.

His complete presentation on how to use YouTube for these promotions is available for download at A special thanks to Bob Goldstein for
providing a projector for this talk.

Some quick tips:
Get as good microphone as you can!
Dress the way you would for any business presentation or author talk
Think about adding a “how to” portion if you wrote a “how to” book
Give potential readers a feel for the author’s personality as well as the book

Two YouTube Videos From Northwest Authors

As Masters outlined in his talk, book trailers, video blog entries, or other YouTube videos can be very simple or very elaborate. It’s a medium that encourages innovation — let your imagination run wild but look to the bottom line too. Can you save money by going the DIY route or should you hire professional help? Everyone has different needs, but planning ahead can pay off in the long run.

Here’s a couple of clever ideas turned into videos by Northwest authors.

BPNW member Karyn King used a MP3 copy of a radio interview to provide an audio track. As a photographer, she had plenty of images to share and made good use of them to illustrate what she was saying in the interview.

Author Sheila Roberts gathered family and friends — and a band — to create an original music video for her latest novel. The video teases the story and even gives the author a chance to spread her wings as an actress!

Got a book trailer or other YouTube video already? Send us a link to share at bpnwnews at!