BPNW Financial Report 2012

Book Publishers Northwest is a not-for-profit trade association that exists to aid and encourage the book publishing industry in the Pacific Northwest. We provide free educational meetings for the public between September and June as well as provide our members with other educational opportunities throughout the year.

If we have the funding and the volunteers, we take our members’ books to local trade shows and festivals. In 2012, this included Northwest Bookfest sponsorship as well as a full booth at the PNBA Fall Trade Show in Tacoma, WA.

We finished the year with $2064.49 in savings and $3295.52 in business checking, which the Board will use to cover expenses not covered by membership dues in 2013.

Our income and expenses for 2012 were:

Membership $2,640.00
Interest $4.78
Administration $325.00
Association Dues $150.00
Holiday Party $283.82
Meeting Room $570.00
PO Box Rent $360.00
Trade Shows $1,410.32
 Total $3,099.14
Loss -$454.36

2 thoughts on “BPNW Financial Report 2012

  1. Would it be possible to locate a room without fee? Possibly a room at a library? School? Starbucks in Madison Park has a small meeting room. What about an Artist’s loft?
    Maybe we shouldn’t have a holiday party this year.
    Is a PO box absolutely necessary? Probably so.
    How are other small groups surviving? What would IBPA suggest?

  2. bookpubnw says:

    Karen: great suggestions. Why don’t you join the Board and do some volunteer work for BPNW? We could use somebody willing to devote two to five hours a month arranging meetings. If you arrange them, you get to pick where they are held — AND that means that YOU reserve the space, agree to be there to set up, and take down chairs, etc.

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