Help us be a better association

Book Publishers Northwest encourages publishing in the Northwest through educational events, usually one hour to two hour sessions on the third Thursday of the month at Good Shepherd Center in Seattle. These are free and open to anyone who is interested in book publishing.

But we can afford to do more!

If you are a BPNW member and interested in organizing an event for small press and independent publishers in your community, please let us know. We’ll help you publicize it and even subsidize the cost (up to $50 per event).

In particular, we would love members to organize events in Bellingham, Spokane, Olympia or Tacoma.

We also are looking for speakers for our Seattle meetings in 2013.   You do not have to be a member to be a speaker — just send us your idea and your availability. We can even help with gas money if you live outside of Seattle.

Please contact us at with your ideas.