Special Day & Time: Brian Jud on Nov. 13

Our November meeting takes place on a Tuesday and little earlier in the month. Come meet legendary book marketing guru Brian Jud on November 13, 4 pm to 6 pm, for “The Buck Starts Here.”

Author, publisher, television host, and marketing maven, Jud is a master at helping publishers leverage their brand for multiple streams of income. For years, he has helped others market their books in non-bookstore markets to increase their unit sales, revenue and profits. His popular series of ebooklets and printed booklets provide Proven Tips for Publishing Success.

“Hundreds of thousands of titles are published every year and you are competing with them for shelf space, airtime and your customer’s wallet. But there is a better, more profitable way to sell books — and that is to non-bookstore buyers.” – Brian Jud

Jud will show you where and how to find thousands of prospective buyers in non-bookstore markets – people with the budgets to buy your books in large, non-returnable quantities. Learn how to sell your existing content in new ways, with unique campaigns and pricing strategies that will increase your sales, revenue and profits. He will show you:

How to sell ebooks, pbooks, vbooks, and all books in ways you never thought possible

Why niche publishing can be the best way to increase your sales, revenue and profits

How to market fiction to more buyers, more profitably

A new business model for exploiting today’s multiple marketplaces

Be more successful by trying new and different marketing actions — and add a little fun to the ways in which you are selling your books now.

Please note that this meeting will take place in Room 223, just inside the front entrance of the Good Shepherd Center, 4649 Sunnyside Avenue North  Seattle, WA. This meeting will start promptly at 4 pm. Please come early!