Parenting Press keeps books in print for years

Parenting Press found many of its 2011 bestsellers on its backlist. Established in 1979 to publish problem-solving books for adults and children,this Seattle publisher  is a family-owned company with almost 100 titles in print.

“The Way I Feel,” Janan Cain’s first book,was published in 2000. Since then, the 32-page hardback became an abridged board book edition for toddlers and a Spanish edition, “Así me siento yo.” In 2011, Cain and writer Steve Metzger created a similar book about traits, “The Way I Act.”

While the continuing popularity of “The Way I Feel” for a decade might be a record for some publishers, the next most popular book on the 2011 Parenting Press bestseller list, “It’s MY Body,”  has been around since 1982. The book tells kids about avoiding unwanted hugs, kisses and touching. It continues to sell hundreds of copies each month—despite the fact that almost no storefront bookstores stock it.

The third on Parenting Press’s bestseller list for 2011 was “The Self-Calming Cards,”  a deck of oversized cards that describe and show how kids (and adults) can calm themselves when they’re anxious, angry or over-excited. Created in 2004, the cards were written by Elizabeth Crary, Parenting Press founder, and illustrated by Mits Katayama, a Northwest artist who was then in his late 70s.

Parenting Press also enjoyed high sales of another 2004 title, “25 Things to Do When Grandpa Dies, Mom and Dad Get Divorced, and the Dog Dies,” written by Yakima parent educator Laurie A. Kanyer. Used extensively by organizations that support military families, this title helps adults who work with kids who are grieving or experiencing loss.

Among other titles on Parenting Press 2011 bestseller list:

“Something Is Wrong at My House: A Book about Parents’ Fighting,” written by Diane Davis in 1984 and recently updated and revised;

“Living with the Active Alert Child,” first issued by Parenting Press in 1993 and revised in 2003;

“What Angry Kids Need: Parenting Your Angry Child Without Going Mad,” the 2008 book by Jennifer Brown of Bellingham WA and Pam Hopkins of Snohomish WA.

Parenting Press books are available at and through most bookstores.