UPDATED: members’ books at Northwest Bookfest

Book Publishers Northwest will be selling members’ books at the 2011 Northwest Bookfest in Kirkland, WA. BPNW’s Bookfest tent will be located near the main entrance to Peter Kirk Park, 202 3rd Street, Kirkland, WA.  The booth number and map will be available on the Bookfest website prior to opening day of the Bookfest.

The show will be open 10 am to 6 pm, October 1 to 2.

Members are responsible for bringing their books to the tent to sell. Members can display and sell up to three titles. There is no charge for the first title. Other titles can be sold for $10 per title payable at time of delivery to the tent.

For each title, please bring no more than two display copies.  If you want to have more available, keep them in your car until needed as room at the exhibit will be limited.

Tom Blaschko will be handling overseeing sales and handling credit card purchases. For credit card purchases, the bank fees will be deducted from members’ reimbursement (approximately 5%).

For more information on Bookfest, please contact Sheryn Hara, sherynhara@earthlink.net.

To volunteer to work at this exhibit, please contact Tom Masters, tom.masters@orionwellspring.com.

Book Publishers Northwest encourages members to come to Bookfest and spend the day enjoying the educational seminars, author lectures, and other activities. A complete schedule is available at the Bookfest website.

2 thoughts on “UPDATED: members’ books at Northwest Bookfest

  1. bookpubnw says:

    Unfortunately, no one has volunteered to collect books before Bookfest or to return books after Bookfest to members. So everyone is responsible for making their own arrangements to get the books there.

    If a volunteer steps forward, we’ll let everyone know! For numerous Bookfest displays in the past, two very kind members not only collected books at meetings and took them to the shows, they also mailed the unclaimed books back to the publishers.

    However, they are not available that weekend and nobody else has volunteered to take their place, despite numerous requests. Without volunteers to help do these things, some members can’t participate in events.

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