BPNW 2011 Financial Report

By mid-August, Book Publishers Northwest has spent more on display and promotion of members than income received. This is typical for this time of the year, with the organization’s board expecting new and renewing memberships to make up the deficit before the end of 2011.

Income & Expense Statement: 1/1/11 through 8/13/11

—————————————————— ——————————


2011 Paid Members 1,400.00

Bank Interest 5.88

Meeting Guest Fee Paid 5.00


Total Income 1,410.88


Administration 250.00

NWBookfest Sponsor 500.00

PNBA Membership 125.00

PNBA Display 300.00

Office Supplies 45.66

PubU Scholarships 500.00

Meeting Room  & PO Box Rent 536.00


Total Expenses 2,256.66


Total Income/Expenses -845.78


3 thoughts on “BPNW 2011 Financial Report

  1. bookpubnw says:

    MaryAnn: Thank you for your concern. BPNW currently has enough in savings to continue our meetings at Good Shepherd through 2012 and be able to give our members scholarships as well as provide opportunities to sell and promote their books at local events.

    Having said that, we do rely on members renewing or joining BPNW to be able to continue these activities. The more people who join, the more opportunities we can provide for all!

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