Red Pencil in the Woods in September

The Northwest Independent Editors Guild recently announced “Red Pencil in the Woods,” a conference for editors and other word lovers, to be held on Sept. 24 at Bastyr University.

The keynote speaker will be Carol Fisher Saller, editor of The Chicago Manual of Style Online Q&A and author of The Subversive Copy Editor.

Conference sessions will include:
Finding Our Way: Writing and Editing in the New Publishing Landscape, keynote by Carol Fisher Salle
(Almost) Everything Editors Need to Know about E-books, with Kate Rogers, Judith Dern, Bob Mayer, and Waverly Fitzgerald
Just Enough Marketing for Freelancers, with Frank Catalano
Writing and Editing for Video and Board Games, with Angela Taylor Hylland, Shanon Lyon, Joe McDonagh, and Wynn Rankin
Secrets of a Successful Book Proposal, with Kerry Colburn and Jennifer Worick
Self-Publishing: What Editors Need to Know, with Mi Ae Lipe and Robyn M Fritz
Twitter for Word Lovers, with Catherine Carr
Getting to the Truth about Technical Editing, with Tina Loucks-Jaret

Small discussion groups will explore topics such as indexing, guidebook editing, helping authors get published, developmental editing, collaborative editing as a business model, legal issues for freelancers, and editing for business.

Admission will be $75-$125, which includes continental breakfast and a lunch buffet. For more information, check the Editor Guild’s website.

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