Northwest BookFest returns in 2011

 We received the following announcement from the organizers of Northwest BookFest 2011.  As always, Book Publishers Northwest’s participation in this show is dependent upon volunteers willing to set up and staff a tent at this public festival. Costs of display and transportation will be reimbursed.  If you are interested, please contact bpnwnews at

Announcing Northwest BookFest 2011 – It’s Raining Books!

Back by popular demand—not only from the general reading public but by authors, booksellers, librarians, book clubs, and the media— BookFest will return October 1 and 2 with new format, new location, and new energy! It’s going to be bigger and better than ever before with space for 100 exhibitors, as well as time slots for about 80 authors/presenters. With widespread promotion and media coverage, we expect thousands to attend.

In order to get this ball rolling, we need you to sign up now. We have already had numerous calls from interested participants.

This family-friendly event will be held in Kirkland at several locations: the Kirkland Performance Center, the King County Library, the Peter Kirk Community Center, and the Teen Center. Exhibitors will be located in outdoor tents throughout Peter Kirk Park.

Please note the following:

Cost of the standard 10’ x 10’ space will be only $150 for the entire two days, if paid by August 15; $200 after August 15.

Tent rental is an additional $125, which includes setup. Reservations for tents MUST BE RECEIVED BY AUGUST 15, 2011.

You may bring your own tent—preferably white—as long as it is in good shape. NO TARPS WILL BE ALLOWED.

8-foot table rental: $10.00 each

Folding chair rental: $1.00 each

All rented tents will have four sides. Overnight security will be provided.

Space is limited so DON’T DELAY!

Checks should be made payable to Northwest Bookfest 2011 and sent to P. O. Box 2256, Bothell, WA 98041.

If you are a publisher and would like to request presentations/events for your authors, please provide the name of the author(s), book title(s), the publisher, and what kind of activity or presentation you request. From past experience, we have learned that straight “readings” don’t work very well, so please let us know how your authors might participate, e.g. on a panel or workshop with other authors.

Return the following form with payment. Please list authors, booksellers or organizations that you recommend and supply contact information. Volunteers are also needed. Please forward this announcement to your e-mail list

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Your support will make the 2011 Northwest BookFest the literary celebration of the year.

Warm regards,

Sheryn Hara, Event Coordinator

425 483-3040

2 thoughts on “Northwest BookFest returns in 2011

  1. Great info, Sheryn. But I am having trouble visualizing how people will browse tables if they are completely enclosed in tents. I was thinking shade structures against rain, but you are doing actual tents! What kind of doorways do they have? And woudn’t a display inside a tent be dark?

    Thanks, Sara

  2. Good to hear this is happening Sheryn…will look forward to it.

    I was curious too about what Sara brought up…that might need to be clarified. With the weather iffy that time of year, I guess you need the tents if it’s going to be outdoors…I’m trying to picture in my mind’s eye the layout.

    Thanks for all your efforts in making this happen!

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