May 19: Better (and cheaper) communications with social media

As a publisher of fiction or nonfiction, you’ve got a story to tell! But how do you let people know about your books? And, just as important, how can you tell that your efforts are paying off? What email, tweet, Facebook post, blog article, press release, or other piece brings the most eyeballs to your website — and which ones translate into better sales for you?

Join Rosemary Jones, web editor of Book Publishers Northwest, for a discussion of free (or very cheap) ways to create and track effective online communication.

Then Robbin Block, author of Social Persuasion: Making Sense of Social Media for Small Business, will give you even more ways to improve your communications and create a marketing  mix that works best for your business.

This meeting begins at 4 pm, May 19, at Good Shepherd Center, room 202, 4649 Sunnyside N., Seattle, WA.

More on our speakers:
Rosemary Jones has been the editor of Book Publisher Northwest’s newsletter for more than a decade, taking BPNW News from paper to epublication (for considerable cost savings), creating and maintaining the organization’s last two websites, and starting BPNW Facebook and Twitter pages.  The author of two Forgotten Realms novels published by Wizards of the Coast, a regular contributor to Seattle publisher Timid Pirate’s Cobalt City series, an online reviewer of theater and dance in Seattle, and a public relations professional specializing in effective corporate communication through social media, Rosemary enjoys making connections around the world with writers, publishers, and other book people.

Part geek, part creative, Robbin Block is a popular speaker on social media’s uses for small business marketing. She’s given hundreds of engaging, motivating and often humorous presentations that deliver a dash of economic theory with a healthy dose of New York skepticism. Robbin has taught at the university level and has consulted and worked for companies of all sizes including major corporations. She has in-depth knowledge of the Web and its strategic application to business.Robbin also volunteers at KBCS 91.3FM on the One World Report public affairs program as a writer, copy editor and voice talent.

2 thoughts on “May 19: Better (and cheaper) communications with social media

  1. Returned from IBPA’s Mini-U full of new ideas, questions, contacts, and information. I’ll be sharing all this at a meeting soon (TBA) as well as writing an article on my impressions and learnings. Our focus was eBooks and yowza, there’s a lot to know that I still am learning about.

    Thanks to BPNW and IBPA for the scholarship and opportunity to attend.

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