BPNW member David Ash wants your vote

BPNW member David Ash is co-writing a novel with his son, and it has been chosen as one of 25 story ideas in the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) Pitchapalooza contest.   Ash sent the following request to BPNW to ask for  your help.

To vote for their story pitch and help them possibly secure an agent or publisher:

1. Visit www.TheBookDoctors.com/blog and find the “nanowrimo pitchapalooza’s 25 pitches!!!” entry dated February 22.

2. Read the 200-word book pitch for Out of the Woods by Ben Ash and David Ash (search for it, it’s about half-way down).

3. Vote before February 28 by e-mailing arielle@thebookdoctors.com and just say “My vote: Out of the Woods by Ben & David Ash” in the subject line.  It’s that easy.

You should only vote once, but you can always spread the word for your friends to vote.

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2 thoughts on “BPNW member David Ash wants your vote

  1. I have sent in my vote and wish you the best David. I agree with the book doctors that the story within the story is great. Also, so many stories are about mothers and daughters, I love that this is father and son, written by a father and son.

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