Scam alert from PNBA

The following was sent today from  Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association (PNBA):

We recently received word that a scam has been perpetrated on some exhibitors at the New England Independent Bookstore Association’s (NEiBA) fall 2010 vendors. A company calling themselves “Fair Guide” (and/or Construct Data, Fairguide, Construct Data Verlang, and Expo Guide) sent a form to exhibitors that appeared to come from NEiBA, updating their information and–in small print–contracting them to an agreement for advertising, falsely stating that the ads were for NEiBA show guides. At least one commission group in the NEiBA region unknowingly signed and returned the form and is now being threatened with attempts to collect the “contracted” advertising fee. NEiBA is working with the exhibitors and their local Better Business Bureaus and the appropriate State’s Attorney’s Offices to try to stop the abuse.

We would prefer that none of you suffer these problems. Please beware of any such promo that does NOT come directly from PNBA’s office. If you have received–or do receive–any such “promo,” PLEASE LET US KNOW immediately, so that we can forward the information to NEiBA, for their use in tracking down the culprits and stopping them.