BPNW member Kohl up for Pepsi grant

MaryAnn Kohl, owner of Bright Ring Publishing, has been nominated for an education grant from the Pepsi “Refresh Everything” program.

“If I win, I will travel the USA in 2011 and bring hands-on art workshops to 6000+ teachers whose schools do not have art programs! Ultimately this would impact 150,000+ children who have no art at school,” said Kohl, a Bellingham, WA resident.

If you want vote to vote for Kohl’s project, you can do so daily from now through December 31.  The three ways to vote are:
1.) Direct vote at: http://www.refresheverything.com/greatartkids
2.) Text these numbers: 104840 To Pepsi’s phone: 73774
3.)  Go to Facebook and vote through the Pepsi Voting App