Pick up books and checks from Montana book show

BPNW member David Ash took books from local publishers to Montana’s Festival of the Book. He will be returning books as well as payments to members at the Nov. 18 meeting.

Ash reports that he managed to sell at least one copy for about a dozen of our authors.  “This speaks very well for our members that such an eclectic mix of books could get this kind of response so far from home from one salesman wearing a jester hat,” he quipped.

If you didn’t sell a title, don’t despair, says David.  “It may have been the wrong time, the wrong crowd, the wrong salesman, any number of factors.  At least two of our titles that got picked up by potential customers more than any others didn’t get a sale.  At the very least, somebody noticed you and might remember you down the road, and it didn’t cost you anything to try besides maybe some postage.  This is good.”

And if you can’t come to the November meeting, David will mail unclaimed checks and books back to you.