FPA offers opportunity to display books in Florida

FPA (Florida Publishers Association) now extends its member rate of $50 per title to its affiliate cousins for display of products in its booth at the FAME (Florida Association for Media in Education) annual conference, Nov. 3-5. The attendees are school librarians, now known as “media specialists” — kindergarten through college.

The offer is available to members of IBPA, AAP and SPAN, and to members of all affiliate group “cousins” under IBPA, AAP and SPAN (even if they are not members of the parent group), as well as to those who have displayed with FPA in the past.

Not only will products be displayed face out in a well-attended, popular booth and included in a handsome, well-organized attendee handout of displayed products, they will be grouped in a special category (2010 FAME Display) at the FPA Bookstore (an Amazon.com Associates store). Products will also be included in a virtual trade show on FPA’s new website, to which all of Florida’s librarians will be invited after the FAME event. The bookstore category and virtual trade show will remain active on FPA’s website until next year’s event.

New to FPA’s display this year is a cost-cutting measure that we’re sure publishers and authors will enjoy:  we no longer require those who display to send 250 book promotional flyers. Instead, FPA will create a handout that shows the product, gives important details about each title, includes publisher and author contact info, distribution outlets, awards and high-profile reviews, and the author’s availability to offer in-school presentations.

Deadline for receipt of all materials is October 30. Details and a registration form can be viewed by clicking on  http://tinyurl.com/238524e or by visiting http://www.FLbookpub.org and navigating to the Display Opportunities tab, then to FAME. Those wishing to display are not required to join FPA.