PNBA Fall Trade Show Call For Authors

Dear Publicists,

The Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association (PNBA) has now posted on our web site the Call for Authors for the 2010 fall show, which will again be held in Portland, Oregon, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, October 7 – 9. We have moved the shows to October at the encouragement of our sales reps, who promised that the change will allow them to show off more finished books at the shows, and may even increase the number of authors who are available to attend the show to promote their new books. If you are working with some authors who might make good candidates for appearances at the PNBA show, please contact me directly with your proposals. I will again be producing all of the author events at the show.

As a non-profit (501c6) trade association, PNBA must charge a small fee to help us re-coup some of the expenses of promoting and producing the author events. Luckily, we have not needed to increase those rates for the last three years. We appreciate your understanding.

The PNBA process requires that we allow publicists until the end of June to send us their author proposals. I compile all the proposals and send them to PNBA’s Selection Committee the first week of July. The Committee returns them to me, listed in the order of the Committee’s preference, with their choice for speakers at the top. I then start contacting publicists in July, inviting authors to speak at the Breakfasts. Once those spots are confirmed, I send invitations to publicists for authors to participate in the Feast. When those are filled, I invite authors to the Nightcapper on the first day. Then I fill out the rest of the schedule with the Celebration of Authors and the signings. The entire process is usually completed by the end of July.

The PNBA show will be held the same weekend as Portland’s public book show, Wordstock, which will be held downtown at the Oregon Convention Center. They are always looking for interesting authors to feature, and we might be able to help your authors land good spots there, too. PNBA staff met with Wordstock’s executive director, Greg Netzer, in January, and we are working together to enhance both our shows. I would be happy to supply you with contact info for Mr. Netzer, if you would like to pursue that opportunity.

PNBA is in the process of building a new web blog, Northwest Book Lovers, which we hope will go live this summer. The blog will feature our member bookstores and libraries, and Northwest authors and books, and will invite the public to share our enthusiasm for new books and the authors who write them. It is our expectation that most of the authors featured at the fall show will also be featured on the blog before the show, thus encouraging booksellers to attend the show to learn more about them, and encouraging the public to consider those authors and their books for their reading pleasure.

We look forward to working with you to promote your authors and their new books this fall.



Thom Chambliss, Executive Director
Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association

2010 Fall Tradeshow Oct 7-8-9
Portland, OR Airport Holiday Inn