Opt-in e-mail newsletter free but you must follow all steps

Recently, we have received some questions from Fans and members about how to receive the BPNW News.

The newsletter is distributed by e-mail only. We stopped sending out paper copies more than three years ago to save postage and paper. You must set up your e-mail to accept mail from us (bpnwnews at aol.com).

If you are not a member, you must “opt in” into the system by subscribing to our newsletter using this link. Follow all the steps, including the confirmation of your e-mail address to receive newsletters.

If you are not seeing a newsletter arriving in your in-box at least once a month, your mail system may be placing this in the spam or junk folder.

Have trouble with e-mail? Just use the RSS subscribe for this page or become our Fan on Facebook. All information is cross-posted here and on the Facebook page.