Check Cover to Cover for more on independent publishers

Frank Gromling of Ocean Publishing ( hosts a weekly radio show Cover to Cover. You can hear it live or look at 8:30 PT Saturday mornings on the Net at or check out past shows (MP3s) at It’s all about books and book publishing. Terry Nathan of IBPA was a recent guest.

The head of the Oregon Library Association and two others will be Gromling’s guests on the March 20 show in advance of PLA Conference on Portland.

” Right now the audience is about 10,000 per show, which isn’t too bad for a guy who never did radio before. But, as my wife says, I have a face for radio!” joked Gromling in a recent e-mail.

Each program has two segments: “Inside the Book” features news and info about authors, e-readers, libraries, and booksellers, and “Book Publishing Rocks!” is all about the publishing industry, with a dynamite guest per show.