Bookfest wrap-up: Books sold and good crowds both days

Although traffic was lighter on Sunday than Saturday, the Book Publishers Northwest booth continued to see people shopping throughout the day. Tom Blaschko of Idyll Arbor, our booth coordinator who handled sales, reported about the same number of books sold on Sunday as Saturday.

Final sales totaled over $600 and included titles from most of the publishers exhibiting. Our last sale of the day: an impulse buy of a Haiku book for a Christmas gift.  The largest influence on sales was: easy-to-understand titles, the author standing there to explain book, and/or a talk at the event that was tied to the publication.

We had a number of people ask about joining Book Publishers Northwest or attending our meetings.

A special thank you to everyone who helped with our booth or spoke at Saturday’s well-attended panel. We could not do such events without you!

Next up: our November 19 meeting on how to BRAND your business.

One thought on “Bookfest wrap-up: Books sold and good crowds both days

  1. Yes, publishing is a business that depends on making personal connections. Sounds like I sold at least one, though! And Montana Festival of the Book did pretty well for me. I sold 21 books there! We should talk strategies for next year. Thanks for being there for me and others!

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