Book Publishers Northwest at Seattle Bookfest

Book Publishers Northwest will be selling our members’ books and talking about publishing in the 21st century at the Seattle Bookfest, Columbia City Event Center, 3528 S. Ferdinand, Seattle, WA 98118. For directions, see the Bookfest website.

Come see our booth in Room 4 at the Bookfest and listen to our panel at the Panel Stage.

Speakers and Volunteers

We’d like to thank all the members who stepped forward and volunteered to help at the Bookfest. We could still use a few more volunteers for Saturday and Sunday. If you’d like to help, please e-mail bpnwnews at


11:00 AM Publishing in 21st Century

Publishing in the 21st Century

Book Publishers Northwest

Thinking about publishing the book yourself? Want to launch a new business publishing other people’s books? Have a great blog that could turn into a best-selling book if you only understood what an ISBN is? Meet the people who have been publishing both their own work and others for many years, learn how they started their business, and what support is out there for new publishers.  Book Publishers Northwest is a 30-year-old nonprofit trade association devoted to promoting, publicizing, and encouraging book publishing businesses located in the Northwest. Panel speakers include Northwest publishers Tom Masters, Orion/Wellspring; Miryam Gordon, Green Elms Press; Tom Blaschko, Idyll Arbor; Diane Frank, DMFrank Publishing; Robert Goldstein, Rivendell Publishing; and Morten Nilsen, Counterbalance Books, and Rosemary Jones, moderator.

Book Publishers Northwest Booth in Room 4

Set-up 9:30 am  Saturday
Tom Blaschko & Rosemary Jones

OCT 24 Saturday: 10 am to 6 pm OPEN

10 am to 11 am Tom Blaschko, Idyll Arbor  & Rosemary Jones, Book Publishers Northwest

11 am to noon Lee Wimberly

noon pm to 1 pm Miryam Gordon, Green Elms Press

1 pm to 4 pm Morten Nilsen, Counterbalance Books

3 pm to 6 pm closing, Diane Frank, DMFrank Publishing, & Rosemary Jones, Book Publishers Northwest

OCT 25 Sunday: 10 am to 6 pm OPEN

10 am to 1 pm Tom Blaschko, Idyll Arbor and Rosemary Jones, Book Publishers Northwest

11 am to 2 pm Veronica Tabares

1 pm to 4 pm Robert Goldstein, Rivendell Publishing

3 pm to 6pm and clean-up  Megan Ayrault, All About Animals Massage, and Tom Blaschko, Idyll Arbor