Seattle Book Fest promises to be an exciting event

The organizers of the first Seattle Book Fest, October 24 to 25, are looking forward to an exciting event full of authors, publishers, and readers.

“Frankly, we’re excited. Also amazed and very pleased by the region-wide support and enthusiasm we’re getting! The event center is almost full and will be teeming with people and activity come the weekend of the fair. We’ve got a rock star lineup of local authors—more than 60, in fact—participating in a variety of reads and workshops and over 50 exhibitors supporting them with booths and books,” wrote coordinator Molly Horne-Brine in a recent e-mail.

“Our improbable little grassroots book fair, put together by writers and book lovers without corporate sponsorship, is suddenly on every literate person’s READ-AR,” she added.

Book Publishers Northwest will host a booth, displaying and selling members’ books. At our Sept. 17 meeting, we started collecting books from members to sell. The following publishers will have books in our booth (with more to come!):
All about Animal Massage
Bright Ring
Parenting Press

Any current member of the Book Publishers Northwest (or any 2009/10 member who joins by October 15) can participate in this booth. The cost for display is $10 per title plus $9 refundable shipping fee. Publishers will be reimbursed 100% of all sales and unsold books will be returned to them after the event.

Members should bring books and payment to BPNW’s Oct. 15 meeting or e-mail for shipping instructions.