Places to sell your e-books

During Neelan Choksi’s terrific talk today about the development of Stanza for the iPhone and iPod, he mentioned two major retail partners that allow publishers to present their e-books in a variety of formats.

If partnered with Fictionwise or Smashwords, publishers can find their books available for sale through a variety of outlets, including Stanza.

Fictionwise currently states that they are seeking publishers “who can provide 25 or more titles by at least five different established, professional authors.” Fictionwise will accept all categories, including nonfiction. Publishers must own the electronic rights to the titles and have them available in the electronic file format .RTF for eBooks. Further information can be found at Fictionwise’s “Information for Publishers” page.

Smashwords will work directly with authors who own the electronic rights to their work or with publishers of two or more authors. Authors or publishers who sell e-books via Smashwords’ service receive 70.5% to 85% percent of the net sales proceeds. More information is available on their “How to Publish” page.

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