CPSIA Tracking Label Requirements for Children’s Books

One of our members recently received this note from her Canadian printer about new tracking requirements for US products intended for children. If you planning to publish a book for children in the coming year, you may want to check out these requirements with your printer.

CPSIA Tracking Label Requirements for Children’s Books
Effective August 14, 2009, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) requires under Section 103 that manufacturers have a tracking label or other distinguishing permanent mark on any consumer product primarily intended for children twelve and younger. The intention of this requirement is that consumers will be able to determine the origin of a product in the case of recall. In light of this, we are contacting our customers (who produce children’s books) and requesting that they assist in complying with this CPSIA requirement. A “tracking label” in the case of children’s books is better represented as a “permanent mark” that must contain: Location of production
Date of production
Cohort information
The month and year of manufacture