Membership required to participate in displays

We have received several inquiries about participating in the Book Publishers Northwest’s displays at the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Fall Trade Show in September and the Seattle Book Fest in October.

If your name appears in our members directory (see tab above), you are a paid member of Book Publishers Northwest and you will be sent instructions on August 7 about how to submit your books to these shows. You do not have to do anything else.

If your name does not appear in the Book Publishers Northwest members directory, we have not received your payment for a 2009 or 2009/10 membership as of August 5. Nonmembers cannot participate in the PNBA Fall Trade Show display or the Seattle Book Fest booth.

There is still time to join and receive both the free display of one title at PNBA and the sale of your titles for a minimal fee at Seattle Book Fest.

Don’t miss these opportunities, join today for $50 for 2009 (payment must be sent before August 15) or $90 for 2009/10. Full information available by clicking on the “Join BPNW” tab above.

Book Publishers Northwest uses our membership fees to pay for our participation in events like the PNBA Fall Trade Show, the Seattle Book Fest, and to hold meetings from September through June.

PLEASE NOTE: Any books or materials sent to Book Publishers Northwest from non-members will not be displayed and may be donated to charity without any further notice.