July BPNW Board Meeting: Fall plans include display for members at two shows

* State of the treasury
* Results of the member survey
* Business of Books event in 2010
* Programs for Fall and 2010
* Program format
* PNBA Fall Trade Show 2009
* Book Fest event in 2009
* Christmas party

State of the treasury -The bottom line is that our accounts are in good shape and BPNW can afford to participate in two shows this year (details below).

Results of the member survey – According to the responses received to the member survey, the most popular programs are related to marketing. Members who responded seemed to prefer the current time and day of week for meetings (third Thursday of the month, 4 pm to 6 pm).

At this time, members seem to prefer staying at the Good Shepherd Center in Seattle for meetings.

Business of Books event in 2010 – Apparently the national Pub U event is being scrapped by IBPA in favor of more regional mini-Pub U events. It was agreed that we should explore with IBPA the possibility of sponsoring such an event in 2010. BPNW could outline program topics and IBPA could help line up good speakers for the event. Tom Masters, BPNW board president, will do further research on this topic. Suggestions for a venue and interest in volunteering to be on the committee for this event should be sent to bpnwnews@aol.com.

Programs for Fall and 2010 – The following program topics were identified as good candidates for 2009-2010. Others will be determined by member interest. Some topics may be incorporated into a Business of Books event if that takes place.

All about e-books – September 18 program; board member Beth Whitman to coordinate
How I did it – publishing stories from members – October 15 program; Board vice president Sheryn Hara to coordinate
How to get radio, TV and print interviews – November 19 program; Sheryn Hara to coordinate
How to prep for a media interview – November 19 program; Sheryn Hara to coordinate

Other topics identified for 2010 meetings or possible Business of Books conference: how to sell via cold calling; branding your books; getting actionable market research for your book; pitching the media and using tools like HARO; creating an online media center; make the best printing choice for your book; distribution/wholesaling 101; hand selling; internet book marketing; blog touring; using video to market your book; niche, non-traditional markets; foreign rights 101, and selling to book clubs. If you are a speaker interested in presenting a session on any of these topics or would like to suggest a speaker for these topics, please e-mail bpnwnews@aol.com.

Program format changes – BPNW board secretary/administrator Rosemary Jones will reserve an additional hour after each program to facilitate more networking time for members. BPNW may also begin providing light snacks and bottled water at the meetings during this networking time. Rosemary will also check with Good Shepherd to see if a larger space is available for meetings.

PNBA Trade Show in September 2009 – BPNW has reserved a booth for display of members’ books at this event. Details will be sent to members in the August newsletter. Cost for this event so far is $425 (conference fee and PNBA membership), paid in June.

Book Fest event in October 2009 – There is a Book Fest being held in Columbia City in October. The fee is $150 for a booth if reserved by July 31. It was unanimously agreed that BPNW should attend (administrator Rosemary Jones will send reservation for booth this month). Board Treasurer Tom Blaschko will manage the table at the event. The Board would like to find someone to handle the book logistics and creating a flyer that would list the books on offer, with price and ordering info. Further details on how members can submit books for this booth will be announced in the August newsletter. Anyone interested in volunteering to help coordinate this display should write to bpnwnews@aol.com.

Holiday party in December 2009 – Sheryn Hara offered to arrange for the party for members. The party is scheduled for Dec. 5, which is the first Saturday in December. Details will be sent to members in the newsletter.

BPNW Board 2009-2010
Tom Masters, Board President
Sheryn Hara, Board Vice-President
Tom Blaschko, Treasurer
Rosemary Jones, Secretary/Administrator
Beth Whitman
Gail Sexton

BPNW welcomes member participation in the Board. Any member interested in volunteering for Board or for a specific event should email bpnwnews@aol.com.