A funny thing happens on the way to other blogs

Thanks for putting my last release up on the BPNW blog.  Just thought you’d like to know that forces outside our org are reading it too, perhaps a bit too automatically!

In Googling the results of my news release, I found your blog.  But another blog called “Humorous Bone” (yes, the thesaurus version of funny bone) had it too, with a lot of changes.  Perhaps it was scanning for news with the word “humorous” in it.  In any event, imagine taking a press release, opening a thesaurus, and randomly choosing words in the release to replace.  That’s what this was, and the result was like reading the worst possible English translation of my release, like a Mad Libs version with hilarious results.  For example, this sentence:

“We’re trying to make enough titles to fill just about anybody’s gift
shopping need,” added Ash,


“We’re frustrating to redecorate adequate titles to caulk justifiable involving anybody’s gift shopping condition,” added Ash.

The host site, Edublogs.org, purports to be about “blogging for teachers and students, made easy”.  I hope the point of this site is to show students how NOT to use a thesaurus!  Here’s the link to the full “story”:

Happy reading,

David Ash. Publisher

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