June 21 Meeting at Good Shepherd Center

Margaret Doyle, author of The Fisherman’s Quilt and founder of Port Gamble Publishing will discuss her personal experiences in independent publishing during the June 21 BPNW meeting. Her talk will cover:
1. Writers’ Conferences And Classes
2. Reviews
3. Awards
4. Marketing
5. Distribution
6. Publicists
7. Permission
8. Networking
9. Scale
10. Trends
11. Finances
12. Payoff

Doyle decided to enter publishing attended workshops conducted by Jean Bryant, of Anybody Can Write renown, and the University of Washington’s Creative Writing program. She refined her diaries of hard times in Kodiak into The Fisherman’s Quilt.

Doyle self-published The Fisherman’s Quilt in 2004. The first printing was through iUniverse, the print-on-demand company. Within three months, she printed a second run of 2000 books and formed her own publishing company, Port Gamble Publishing. The Fisherman’s Quilt went into its third printing in 2005.

In a February posting on the BPNW Blog, she explained why she decided to bring her first book out as a trade paperback: “I always strive to make Port Gamble’s books absolutely flawless in text, rights, and design. And I respect the pocketbooks of my readers, not asking them to do something I wouldn’t do, namely spend more than $20 for a new book.”

Doyle was the recipient of the PMA Pub U Scholarship in 2006 and serves as a member of the BPNW Board.