April 19 Meeting: Super Smooth Prep

Dogwise has a backlist of more than 50 titles on dog care and training. This prolific niche publisher wanted to continue to expand its list, but also realized that it needed to create a system to minimize costly pre-production problems. Nate Woodward of Dogwise discusses how this family-run business is tackling the development of a book from idea to finished product.

“It’s all about an ounce of prevention versus a pound of cure,” said Woodward. “I would say that the system we are developing spans the entire process of manuscript development from initial submission to going to press.”

Woodward will review the new Dogwise procedure for:
a. Initial Submission
b. Formal Submission
c. Vision and Outline
d. Sample Chapter
e. Contract
f. Layout / Edit of sample chapters
g. Full Manuscript

He will discuss Dogwise’s history from speciality retailer to niche publisher, the importance of Dogwise.com, and how the company has managed such publishing arrangements as Foreign books, Distribution agreements, and Public Domain books.

This is “don’t miss” program for experienced publishers and those looking to expand their catalog to its maximum potential.