Danforth Distribution

Meet Laura Danforth on at the BPNW March Meeting, March 15, 4 pm to 6 pm, at Good Shepherd Center, 4649 Sunnyside N., Room 221, Seattle, Washington. This meeting is free for members and $15 for others.

I started Danforth Book Distribution last May, 2006. It is solely run by me, Laura Danforth, with the help and input of Sheryn Hara of Book Publishers Network.

When contracted by an author, I take their title and set it up with my existing accounts with major wholesalers such as: Ingram Book Co., Partners/West, Quality Books Inc., Unique Books Inc., Baker & Taylor, and any other wholesaler that might pertain to the title’s area of interest. I also list the title with my Amazon.com account and send a review copy to Barnes & Noble’s review board for placement in their retail stores.

My relationship is solely with the author and the wholesaler, and because I currently do not provide marketing and promotional services I do not have a relationship directly with the retailer. I send out a monthly invoice statement with an ongoing inventory, detailing where your books are being shipped and at what cost. I like to give the author a security of knowing exactly what my part is in this whole process, and make myself available to respond to their emails and phone calls with questions and specific needs, thus making it clear what their expectations should be for distribution by helping them understand that the book business runs at a snails pace and once I get your book in the pipeline you will also be seeing invoice statements with minimal activity between the case orders and returns.

To know your book is available to the world is a satisfying thing of itself, with lots of possibilities, and here at Danforth Book Distribution I will make that available to you.

Laura Danforth
Danforth Distribution
3220 228th St. SE
Bothell, WA 98021