Using BPNW Expertise to be Better Publishers

“The purpose of the February meeting is to figure out how we can help each other be better publishers,” said Tom Blaschko of Idyll Arbor. Blaschkoand other BPNW publishers will discuss parts of the publication process as well as answer specific questions from members. “Please come with your thoughts on where you need the most help to be successful with your books. Mine is selecting books and marketing,” said Blachenko. “Also come prepared to ask the group a specific question about a project you are currently working on.”

Tom Blaschko,, would also like members who cannot attend this session to e-mail questions to him before the meeting. BPNW will try to post answers on the BPNW blog following the February 15 meeting. If this event is successful, we hope to use part of each BPNW meeting this way to help members be more successful in their publishing.

The meeting takes place on Feb. 15 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Good Shepherd Center, 4649 Sunnyside N., Room 221. This session is FREE for 2007 BPNW Members (membership is counted by company so more than one person from a company is welcome to attend for free). Nonmembers are welcome. There will be a nonmember fee of $15 per person for this session.